Two pieces in the works...

2013-06-12 23:18:46 by BlazingDragon

It's already half way through the year and I haven't uploaded a single (non-improvised) composition. For that I apologize and am working diligently on two pieces that are shaping up to be pretty nice.

One is my submission to the Art inspired Music Contest. I'll be making a piece based on the picture in this post. It's by ThePrisoner, an NG artist. My piece will have tons of percussion and ethnic instruments.

The second piece is taking more work...It's very beautiful and mysterious sounding. I normally whip out a composition in a day or two, but I'm deliberately taking a lot of time on this one...It's hard to be patient when I'm writing music. I think that's why I love improvising.

The first piece will be up by the contest deadline of June 22nd. Not sure how long the other one will be.

please forgive me for taking so long, but music IS coming. :)

Two pieces in the works...


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2013-06-16 18:26:20

All the tracks I had uploaded year were actually from 2012 or before. But a few weeks ago I was overcome with inspiration/obsession at 4 AM and created "Moon", perhaps my favorite of my work so far, and since then threw together a few small things; The four musics I uploaded last night are genuine 2013. :) It feels great to push the schedule aside and dive into music.

BlazingDragon responds:

Aren't those late night/early morning composing sessions the best? That's usually when I'm most inspired. :)

I like "Moon". It isn't as melodic as I'd like it the be, but the atmosphere of it is pleasing. There is a lot of nice interplay between the piano, harp, and winds. I would write a full review, but I'm rather tired at the moment! Point is, it's a nice piece.


2013-06-17 05:36:04

Cool piece of art. Dont know which kind of style you will choose ... i would use EWQL RA (if i would got it) :D Curious what you are coming up with!

BlazingDragon responds:

I would love to use RA, but I don't have it. I'm pulling samples from EWQL Symphonic Orchestra and Goliath. I've got a deduk, didgeridoo, and many pieces of ethnic percussion in this track.