Travel and broken bones!

2013-04-04 01:14:56 by BlazingDragon

The last couple of months have been crazy. I've been back and forth between Kansas City, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Mexico, the Grand Canyon, and more, working and enjoying the sights. My brother was robbed of $500 in Mexico and had a gun pulled on him, I left and reentered the U.S. without a passport, and many bizarre shenanigans took place.

Oh yeah, and I broke three bones in a car crash.

I was working in Denver for my brother's moving business when it happened. My two coworkers and I had just finished loading a truck up in the mountains and were on our way home after a long day of work. Heavy snow had just begun to fall, and the roads were misleadingly slick. I was sitting in the back seat of the car on our way to get paid, and the three of us were making jokes and feeling happy to be done for the day. All of the sudden, I heard a stream of expletives from our driver as we lost all control of the vehicle. We had hit a patch of ice going around a curve and lost traction. Despite turning the wheel and pumping the brakes, we slid off the road and crashed head on into a large telephone pole.

My face slammed into the seat in front of me, breaking my nose. Smoke was billowing up from the front of the car and my head was in searing pain. My ears rang and everything was a blur for several seconds. As if from miles away, I heard a muffled voice scream for me to get out of the vehicle. It felt totally surreal.

The car was on an incline and I had to pull myself up out of the wreckage. I grabbed the door frame, shards of broken glass powdering my clothes, and pulled with what little strength I had left after lifting heavy furniture for several hours. My left hand screamed in agony as I let go of the door and crumpled into the backseat. Gritting my teeth, I pushed with my legs and found that my right ankle was stricken with a sharp, burning pain. Avoiding the use of my bad hand and ankle, I managed to pull myself out onto the frozen ground.

Countless vehicles soon lined the mountain road. Police cars, an ambulance, the fire department...It seems like the whole town came out. Not wanting to deal with the cost of an ambulance, I denied emergency transportation and figured I'd tough out the pain until my brother came to pick me up. That worked well enough until the adrenaline began to fade. My head pain, which had finally begun to settle, quickly went from throbbing discomfort to relentlessly pounding agony. Seemingly out of nowhere, I broke down and began to sob uncontrollably. Hot tears formed tributaries down my face and burned in contrast to the frigid air. I couldn't keep my breathing steady and barely managed to stifle the sound of my sobs. Despite the fact that what happened was an unpredictable accident, the driver felt a crushing sense of guilt. Seeing my pain would only add to that, so I put myself out of sight as pain escalated.

Finally, my brother arrived and took me to the emergency room. It turns out that I fractured my nose, right ankle, and left hand, in addition to taking a hard hit to the head. I was put in a knee-high boot and hand cast reaching halfway to my elbow. A stranger at a gas station later remarked, "You look like Hell."

That was exactly a month ago, today. I've since got the boot off and had a more proper cast placed on my arm. The bad news is that my left thumb is completely locked in the cast. The good news is that I still have total access to four fingers, allowing me to type easily and (frustratingly) play piano. Also in the good news category is the fact that the vehicle had crashed into that pole. If not for that, we would have gone careening over a hill and been in much worse shape. Oh yes, and I was the only one with anything broken.

So now I'm back home, watching copious amounts of Netflix, recovering, and writing music. The hospital bills and paperwork are giving me a bit of a headache, but there is a possibility that the insurance company will provide decent compensation for all this. I'll hopefully have the cast off in a week, at which point I can begin working again.

That has been the last couple of months for me. Hopefully I'll whip out some funky new compositions in the near future and increase my presence hear on Newgrounds. I've missed you guys and am happy to be back.

tl;dr: I got in a nasty car accident but will be okay. :)


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2013-04-04 03:02:20

Well damn. That's sounds entirely unpleasant. Glad to hear you're recovering. Enjoy the time you have to slow down!

BlazingDragon responds:

Thanks you, kind sir. Entirely unpleasant may be a gross understatement, but I am indeed enjoying the time to slow down. :)


2013-04-04 04:30:19

Wow, that's crazy! Glad to see you're doing okay! I broke my right wrist, arm and nose last year, it was such a pain! (No pun intended. lol) So I kinda understand how that is. :( I hope you recover as soon as possible! :)

BlazingDragon responds:

It's really annoying, isn't it?! I am amazed at how many things required to hands. It's frustrating having to ask for help on simple things like chopping up a salad, but that is just the way things go.


2013-04-04 08:14:49

Woah, you had quite the bad luck alongside you. You could submit your article to a newspaper company or something for the world to see. :O

BlazingDragon responds:

I actually would say good luck was on my side. If we had gone two feet in either direction, we'd have missed the pole and probably be dead (or in full body casts). That's me looking on the bright side, anyway. :)


2013-04-04 08:32:04

That doesn't sound pleasant at all. At least you survived all that. Get well soon, mate!

And I'd have flagged mandog's comment if I could.

(Updated ) BlazingDragon responds:

Thank you! I'm already feelings tons better, but I'm very much ready to get this cast off.

As a side note, I really appreciate the awesome review that you left for my track 'In Remembrance'. I used to respond to every review, but I've gotten so many that I've fallen behind. So until I catch up and respond to yours, my apologies.


2013-04-04 12:24:14

Sounds pretty serious. Glad you survived and lived to tell the tale, and without any irreversible injuries too. I was going to post a 'cool story bro' but that didn't seem fitting. It was a cool story though, well-versed.

BlazingDragon responds:

Ahahaha, Thank you! I guess it is kind of a cool story. I only intended to write about two sentences about it last night, but I started having fun writing and kept rolling with it. I was really fortunate that everything broke in place. No surgeries and metal chunks in my body required!

By the way, you have left a TON of audio reviews! I don't know if I've seen anyone else with that many. :o So kudos to you.


2013-04-04 20:42:03

At least you have another story to tell now! (And you tell it very well, too. I was drawn in by the colorful phrasing, and I kept getting that "what happens next?!" feeling while reading.)

BlazingDragon responds:

Thank you! I've often thought that it would be fun to become a writer if I didn't go the music route. I have a great deal of fun writing stories for my music.


2013-04-04 22:03:31

Actually, it's funny you said that my review was "awesome". I actually somewhat regretted writing that and probably would have taken it back if I could. I felt that the song was personal to you, and I kind of "stepped on" it with my made-up story. And it wasn't like I was making constructive comments about the music.

It was just such a powerful song. I'm not much of a writer, but when I first listened to it, the story just wrote itself in my head, and I impulse-posted it.

I'm relieved to hear that you didn't mind it :)

BlazingDragon responds:

I didn't mind a bit! See, I LOVE to hear what stories people come up with while listening to my music. I think that good music usually tells a story, so such comments let me know that my composition is emotionally potent. I certainly do appreciate musical criticism, but a healthy balance between technical and creative reviews is ideal for me.

I used to spend countless hours listening to music and letting my mind wander through really fantastic worlds. It's my goal to do the same for other people.


2013-05-03 12:58:12

.....Ouch. >_< I'm glad to hear you're recovering. Prayers on the way, hoping it'll be a speedy one!

BlazingDragon responds:

Thanks. I really appreciate it! :)