New single - Never Wake Me Up

2013-01-05 18:03:43 by BlazingDragon

Happy New Year everyone!

To kick off 2013, I've just uploaded a new song called Never Wake Me Up by my sister Summer Garcia. She is an incredibly talented singer/songwriter who constantly inspires me to write new music, and I want to introduce the Newgrounds community to her work. Please check out the song and leave a friendly comment; if the feedback is good, I might upload more of her music! :)

In other news, I reinstalled the operating system on my computer, loaded up all my music software, and am finally ready to start making music again. 2012 was an amazing year on this site, and I'm thinking this year will be even better.

Thank you all for the continued support!

PS. Check out more of Summer's music at her page on ReverbNation!


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2013-01-06 07:36:41

First comment!

Anyway, that's a pretty good song. The mixing's pro. Vocals are top-quality.

It's probably the first R&B song I've ever faved in my life, since I'm not much of a R&B listener.

5/5, btw.

BlazingDragon responds:

Like I said in response to one of the reviews, R&B isn't my genre preference either, but I think Summer really does have an amazing voice. Her piano playing and lyrics are just as top-notch, and I'm a bit envious of that at times. :p Thanks for the fave and 5/5!


2013-01-06 16:59:54

the songs awesome - who wrote/produced it? Also, has she got a soundcloud page or something?

BlazingDragon responds:

Thanks! My sister summer wrote the song and lyrics, and she also performed the singing. The instruments and production was done by Natrell Anderson.

She has a reverbnation page with some more music. Check it out! rgarcia


2013-01-10 01:30:01

never give you up?

BlazingDragon responds:

Eh? Can't say I understand.