Busy but good!

2012-09-20 10:13:19 by BlazingDragon

Have you ever had a sudden realization about how busy you are and wondered how you ever piled that much onto your plate? That is exactly how I feel lately. My time is now being divided between a plethora of activities:

-Scoring the soundtrack for two games (an RPG and a Shooter)
-Writing music for the 2012 Newgrounds Audio Deathmatch
-Writing music for my Music Composition class in college
-Writing music for my MIDI Music Composition class in college
-Studying for my Jazz Improv Class
-Studying classical piano for my lessons
-Learning blues and rock keyboard (and a TON of covers) for the jam band I'm not a keyboardist in
-Learning jazz pieces for the jazz trio I'm trying to get going
-Learning music for the two choirs I am in
-Studying orchestration on my own
-Studying advanced ear training for the independent study I am taking in college
-Running the soundboard for a local church
-Studying recording techniques for my Intro to Recording Studio Class
-Finishing the basement and repairing the house
-Being involved with the school's Internation Club, Outdoors Club, and Academic Excellence Team
-Keeping up with my college English homework
-A bunch of other misc. stuff like hanging out with friends and family
-Posting random blurbs like this that are entirely too long

Thing is, I'm sure lots of other people are just as or even MORE busy than I am. I don't know how some of you people do it. Despite all the energy all the above is taking, I am having a lot of fun. My music skills are developing and opportunities are starting to fly at me faster than I can take them. That's a great problem to have.

Amidst all that chaos, I come here and post music, and many wonderful people respond with encouragement. Thank you to everyone who has supported me, as that makes my load much more bareable. I'll respond to all reviews as soon as I get a chance to breath. :p

PS. I made a new Jazz piece for the NGADM.
PPS. Check out everyone else's epic entries! (Yay for alliteration)


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2012-09-20 10:40:54

That is a gigantic list compared to my list:

- Study in school

That's it. =P

BlazingDragon responds:

Ah, I envy you right now. :p

I think that I'm so free over the summer that I respond by doing every conceivable activity during the school year, lol.


2012-09-20 11:54:28

I wholeheartedly understand. My list involves:

- Moving house
- Doing stuff for the NGADM
- Doing stuff with the gospel band (Kingdom of Herts)
- Legal Practice Course
- Student visa extension (this should hint at the fact that I'm not originally Brit)
- Handling the organ at Mass on alternative Sundays
- Being sick >_<

I'm glad that you are keeping your head above the water -- but I will be keeping you in my prayers nonetheless. These are times where both of us need all the encouragement we can get. x

BlazingDragon responds:

Thanks for the much needed encouragement. Your entries throughout the entire NGADM have been amazing, and I can't wait to hear what music you put out in the future. :)


2012-09-20 19:47:39

I understand what you mean :>

- preparing to move to munich
- learning for my law examination and sitting in the library till late at night
- planning a strategy material how to do my doctor of law and collect
- trying to learn a rachmaninov piano prelude
- trying to find some time for creating more music
- improving my english skills
- find some time to finally learn the russian lenguage

Even if your list is longer than mine i envy you because most parts of your list is about music :D Keep your cool work up!

Best wishes


BlazingDragon responds:

Moving to Munich, eh? Have fun at Oktoberfest for me! :D

Your list is very exciting. I LOVE the Rachmaninov prelude's and wish that I was skilled enough to play them! Best of luck with everything you are keeping up with.


2012-10-02 05:25:50

Hey man, let wanted to let you know keep up the good work. Your music's a source of inspiration and energy that keeps me going through med school when workload is high and times get tough. Would love sheet music for all your piano music. I performed Story Left Untold at our Med Revue and it was a pretty huge hit. :)

BlazingDragon responds:

Wow, thank you for performing my piece!!! :0 It's long been a dream that someone else would enjoy my music enough to learn and play it. I wish I could have been at your Med Revue.

And I'm very happy to hear that my music inspires you. I may not have won the NGADM, but that's not a big deal to me. What I find important are things like this; lives being enhanced through music. Thanks for letting me know.


2012-10-07 08:29:36

Amazing piece you've made for NGADM R4. It's really hard to decide who's better: you or Kor-Rune, since both pieces are absolutely amazing - one involving emotions while the other a relaxing atmosphere...


BlazingDragon responds:

Thanks Criminal! As I thought about both pieces, I decided that it would ultimately come down to the personal tastes of the judges. Kor-Rune's piece has amazing production, vocals, real instruments, and killer performance. I feel like mine is more emotionally driven, complex, and compositionally satisfying though. I think both pieces are pretty much equal when considering all the different factors, but he won in the end. I'm happy to have made it this far.


2012-10-16 15:16:52

-School for 30 hours.
-Work for another 30 hours as nothing is free -_-
-Homework for at least 2 nights a week
-Learning cello
-Learning violin
-Learning cello again as violin is incredibly hard
-improving piano playing
-writing music
-improving writing technics.

I bought X-com last wednesday. And I tried it today.
I know what you mean.
Life is awesome.

BlazingDragon responds:

Man, that's a lot between work and school! I had a job during my first semester of college and it about killed me. Are you in high school or college?


2012-10-29 16:04:41

I'm in a private college, intensive programming thingy (Not sure how to name this, English isn't my first language :/ ), Basically a 3-year public program throught 12 months. And yes, If I don't find any money elsewhere, It will kill me. -_- Sorry for late answer X) I was busy, Exam week. ^^